Does Horangi, the Korean tiger and proud protector of the village, dare take an afternoon off? He lets his friend Kkachi, the magpie, talk him into it, but he just can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right. Could there be bad guys around? If there are, Horangi will bite them... ‘cause that’s what tigers do!

Children everywhere will enjoy this fun, exciting, new story about Horangi and Kkachi (and maybe a few "bad guys"), illustrated by the talented Korean artist, Lee, Woong Ki. Not only will they get to know two of the most endearing animals in Korean folklore, but pictures and descriptions of many of the Korean objects and symbols seen in the illustrations will help further an understanding of the culture and traditions of "The Land of the Morning Calm".

Ages 4 - 8
Hardcover: 10" x 11.6"
44 pages

What Our Readers Are Saying

"'I Bite the Bad Guys: A Tale of the Korean Tiger' is a very clever story that will quickly captivate children the world over. The characters in the book, including Horangi, the Korean tiger, and Kkachi, the magpie, are taken from Korean folklore and art, providing a glimpse of the rich symbolism that underlies the Korean view of the natural world. Colorful, detailed illustrations by acclaimed Korean artist, Lee, Woong Ki, present a vivid picture of traditional village life. Thumbnail images on the inside cover of the book explain the main characters and many other objects included in the illustrations, giving the English pronunciation and Hangul spelling of their names. Written in English by three Americans with deep ties to Korea, this very unique and engaging story provides a bridge between East and West for the youngest citizens of the world, promoting the cross-cultural understanding and mutual respect that is vital in an increasingly interconnected world."

Dong Ki Kim
Consul General, Embassy of the Republic of Korea

"Somebody's up to something in this delightful Korean tale. 'I Bite the Bad Guys' introduces traditional heroes with a 21st century twist. Complete with stunning illustrations by renowned artist, Lee Woong KI, the first installment in the Ginkgo Tree Tales, is sure to appeal to readers of all ages and make them hunger for more stories of Korean culture. Though the tale is a picture book, it's a great read for the whole family."

Stephanie Keyes
Author, The Star Child series

"This is a delightful story that incorporates beloved Korean characters. A nice introduction to a culture that many don't know. With charming illustrations that will let a child discover so much on their own, the story leads us to what is so important, caring for and about each other. A perfect book for introducing American children to Korean words and customs. There is just the right tension for young listeners as they are gently led on a picnic...only something isn't quite right. What could it be? Who wouldn't want Horangi to protect them? And who wouldn't want a buddy like Kkachi?"

Kitty Griffin Lagorio
Author, "The Ride: The Legend of Betsy Dowdy"

"I Bite The Bad Guys is a beautifully written and illustrated childrens book. The traditional Korean characters in this story bring with them a story of true friendship. However, this book does so much more as the authentic illustrations beautifully represent Korea. This story allows the reader to make authentic connections with Korean through a very well written and enjoyable story. Well done -- we absolutely love this story and can't wait for the next one!"

Catherine Brown, B.E.
Principal, Namsan International Kindergarten

"I LOVE this book. The story is so funny and sweet without being at all cloying. I got this for my nephew, who I know will love bouncing along with Horangi, and finding all the wonderful clues in the illustrations--but I've read it myself many times! And those illustrations - wow! They are fantastic. As an added plus, the story and illustrations are based on traditional Korean characters, and you and any munchkins nearby will LOVE Horangi, Kkachi, and the whole gang."

Cynthia Light Brown
Author, "Amazing Kitchen Chemistry"